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St. Petersburg & The Baltics

with an Expert Local Guide!

Top Quality Guided tours for Cruise Guests & Air/Rail Visitors


Reliable & Trustworthy Service:

• Worry-free • No Visa for Cruisers  • See more  • Pay less  • Skip the crowds


Reliable & Trustworthy Service:

• Worry-free • No Visa for Cruisers  • See more  • Pay less  • Skip the crowds


Reliable & Trustworthy Service:

• Worry-free • No Visa for Cruisers  • See more  • Pay less  • Skip the crowds


Reliable & Trustworthy Service:

• Worry-free • No Visa for Cruisers  • See more  • Pay less  • Skip the crowds


Katya (CEO, Booking Representative) Katya (CEO, Booking Representative)

Shore tours in St. Petersburg & The Baltics

Visit St. Petersburg – one of the most fascinating cities in the world - in a company of our expert local guide! We invite you to explore treasures of the “Northern Venice” with us in hopes of leaving good memories and positive emotions about the place, people and habits in your hearts! Choose out of the rich variety of guided tours in Saint Petersburg to make the most of your stay in the cultural capital of Russia, no matter if you are a cruise ship guest or an air/rail (hotel) visitor.

Arriving to St. Petersburg with family and friends or solo? We will accommodate your group of any size. Stick to our private excursions in St. Petersburg to ensure the flexibility and comfort of your personal guided tour.

Don’t mind sharing your travel experience with others? Then, minimize your expenses on one of our mini group tours in St. Petersburg (Russia) at a great value for money. Carefully designed standard programs correspond to all your needs.

Along with St. Petersburg, join us for a memorable exploration of the Baltic Sea Region. Experience the day tours in Tallinn (Estonia), Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway) and Riga (Latvia). On an individual tour with us you won’t miss a chance to absorb the real charm and authenticity of a Nordic city where medieval spirit interferes with the modern life flow.

 Our tours in St. Petersburg (Russia) and the Baltics conducted by top-notch professionals guarantee you impeccable service, friendly approach and a real feel for the city. Welcome aboard!

With deep respect, KURS-SPb Team

We are licensed tour operator in St. Petersburg

KURS-SPb is fully licensed tour operator authorized to provide guiding services for foreign cruise guests or travelers staying at hotels. We are approved by the Russia Federal Agency for Tourism. Our register number is MBT 005252 and you may find us in the list of the official tour operators following the link below.

Federal Agency
for Tourism

Visa-Free tours for Cruise Passengers

According to the Russian Law, you do not need a visa if you are:   Arriving to St. Petersburg via cruise ship   Staying in the city within 72 hours (overnight onboard)   Booked with the licensed tour operator. If you are booked with us you are guaranteed to get a successful visa-free entry in port covered by all necessary documentation!


View St. Petersburg Excursions Excursions in St. Petersburg
Excursions in St. Petersburg

No wonder that St. Petersburg is rated among top 100 of the most popular destinations for foreign travelers. It may boast venues one should visit at least once in a lifetime. Impressive Hermitage Museum collections, stunning Peterhoff gardens and fountains...

View Tallinn Excursions Excursions in Tallinn
Excursions in Tallinn

Beautiful city of Tallinn is, maybe, the only one in Europe, which managed to preserve its authentic spirit throughout centuries. Cobblestone streets, medieval castle walls, splendid suburbs neighboring with modern district won’t definitely leave you indifferent!

View Helsinki Excursions Excursions in Helsinki
Excursions in Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland’s capital, is an attractive Nordic city with prominent educational, financial and cultural institutions. Famous for its contemporary art exhibits and modern design centers Helsinki also captures you with the rural charm of its surrounding areas!

View Stockholm Excursions Excursions in Stockholm
Excursions in Stockholm

You are welcome to explore Stockholm - one of the most attractive Baltic Capitals - in a company of our entertaining local guide. Built on 14 islands connected by bridges and waterways, Stockholm deserves to picture it in a postcard.

View Copenhagen Excursions Excursions in Copenhagen
Excursions in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the home for one of the most remarkable fairytale authors, H-C Andersen, is considered to be the capital of the happiest nation in the world. Join us to experience the beauty of its royal castles, world’s rated architecture, and refreshing breeze of its waterways!

View Oslo Excursions Excursions in Oslo
Excursions in Oslo

Oslo, the Norway’s capital and the largest city in the country, lies between the picturesque Oslofjord and endless forests. This fast-growing cosmopolitan city is known for its modern architecture landmarks, large cultural institutions and festivals.

Why Choose Us

Happy Clients
Happy Clients

Happy faces of our guests are the best reward to our company. We do appreciate our guests' time and effort in writing kind words about our work and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for sharing their travel experience with others. We are honored that many of them may now call us their new friends in Russia!

Personal Touch
Personal Touch

We treat our guests the way we want to be treated! That is why we are always very careful and responsible in tour planning. We truly believe, quality is better than quantity. So, we guarantee personalized attention to every guest inquiring our services. Combined with competitive rates it all results in a tour you dream of.


KURS-SPb Team always delivers what it promises. It’s one of our priorities and basis for a good company’s reputation among our customers. If you wish to rest assured that all conditions reflected and confirmed on the itinerary are going to be fulfilled, then look no further than our tours.


Take all the advantages of joining one of our private itineraries. Touring in a company of your own guide and driver you will, no doubt, experience more than any other travellers joining large bus tours. You will have all the freedom and flexibility planning and following the schedule that would completely correspond to your preferred pace and budget.

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Irina Avdeeva Irina Avdeeva

I am Irina. I trained to be a teacher of foreign languages at Teacher Training University. I took a course in the English and German languages. I have always been keen on English since I started to study it at school when I was ten, and later it didn't take me long to decide...

Natalie Terekhova Natalie Terekhova

When our world was 300 years younger, all life changing events were being shaped much more sharply than nowadays. Suffering and joy, trouble and luck were felt much stronger than now. All human feelings were as sincere, bright and natural as only a child can perceive...

Svetlana Yanova Svetlana Yanova

Hello, my name is Svetlana, but I prefer Lana. I Iike being a guide and I love my native St. Petersburg. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a great variety of interesting venues: palaces and churches, museums and theatres, rivers and canals...

Ludmila Mikhailuta Ludmila Mikhailuta

I graduated from the University as a teacher of English. While I was a student I was infatuated with the idea to combine my knowledge of English with the subject of Saint Petersburg history and culture. That was how I took a path to guiding. Saint Petersburg is more than...

Nadia Smotkin Nadia Smotkin

My name is Nadia. I have been living in St. Petersburg for all my life, it is my native city. I have always felt a spiritual connection with my city and didn't stop admiring its unique beauty: its magnificent and romantic rivers and canals, endless bridges, long and wide avenues...

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