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Visa Info & Travel Documents

Do we need Russian Visa if arriving on a cruise ship?
According to the Russian Legislation, visitors of St. Petersburg DO NOT NEED a VISA if they are:

- Arriving on a cruise ship
- Staying in the city within 72 hours
- Staying overnight onboard
- Booked with the local licensed tour operator

So, if you book a tour with us, you will be eligible for a visa-free entry to the city. We will take care of all the necessary paperwork for you. You will be supplied by a TOUR TICKET and use it as your blanket visa (the substitution of your regular Russian Visa) to get off the ship.

What documents are needed to disembark the ship?
To disembark the ship each member of the group should have the following documents:

1) Valid Passport,
2) One black/white copy of the passport photo page
3) The tour ticket

At the immigration control you will also receive a completed electronic IMMIGRATION FORM from the officer. Please, keep this form inside your passport as you will need to show it to the officer along with your KURS-SPb tour ticket each time you go though immigration/passport control

What is a Tour Ticket?
Tour Ticket serves as your entry document to St. Petersburg. On one hand, it confirms your booking with our company, and, on the other hand – it is your pass through the immigration control in port of St. Petersburg. Please note: it gives you the right to go ashore, but under the tour ticket you are not allowed to explore the city on your own and should be accompanied by our representatives (the guide and driver).
Is a Tour Ticket required for all Baltic Ports or for St. Petersburg only?
The tour ticket is required only for St. Petersburg (you cannot consider your tour booked if you do not have this ticket from our company). However, you actually show it only in St Petersburg. Other Baltic capitals, being members of the Euro Zone, require only your valid passport for entry.
I am a hotel guest - do I need a Visa?
If you are arriving to St. Petersburg by plane or train it is necessary to have regular Russian Visa in your passport, otherwise you will be denied entry to St. Petersburg.
Do you arrange Invitation Letters for hotel guests?
We will be able to provide you with the invitation letter. Those booked on a tour with our Company get these papers at no extra charge. Just let us know, and we will forward the scanned copy of the Invitation Letter to you via e-mail.
What info do you require to issue Invitation Letters?
We arrange these papers for those booked a tour with us at no extra cost. You will need them to apply for visa at your local consulate along with the other necessary documents. We require the following info from our guests to issue the invitation letters:

- Full names as per passport
- Passport number
- Date of Birth
- Citizenship
- Date of entry to Russia and date of departure
- Cities for your visit in Russia
- Name of the hotels you are going to stay in each of the cities
- The name of the city and the consulate where you are going to obtain your visas