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Visited June 9-10, 2018, Marina
Mary Block Visited June 9-10, 2018, Marina


Just wanted to let you know Lana did a wonderful job. We felt so fortunate to have such an experienced and knowledgeable guide for just the 4 of us! She never used notes and her timing to the schedule was perfect. We (both the Swansons and us) will highly recommend KURS Spb to any friends who take the Baltic Cruise in the future. Russia was truly the highlight of our trip

Visited April 6-7, 2017, Princess Anastasia
Beverly Padget & the Party Visited April 6-7, 2017, Princess Anastasia

Hi Katya,

I apologize for the delay in my response. We returned home from our wonderful trip 10 days ago and have been busy catching up. We absolutely loved our tour with your company!! There really is nothing that we thought could be improved upon. I have placed a few pictures (of the 350 pictures we took in St P) in a dropbox folder that I have shared with you (you should receive an email about it - let me know if you don't) - please feel free to use any of them that you want. I will write a trip advisor review. Also, attached is a testimonial that you can also use on your website if you would like. As well, I write a blog when we travel - mostly for friends and family although I do have a number of people that I don't know who regularly read the blog posts. I have mentioned your company on three of the blogs. READ HERE >> Thank you again for this amazing experience. Please give our thanks and best wishes to guide Helena and driver Valerei

Visited Aug 31 - Sept 1, 2016, Norwegian Star
Terry Van Der Leest & the Party Visited Aug 31 - Sept 1, 2016, Norwegian Star

Hi Katya

I am very happy to provide you with some feedback on our recent tour of St Petersburg. Every aspect of our tour was positive and we have absolutely no complaints whatsoever! Right from the very beginning when we located KURS-SPB online and sent an inquiring email about St. Petersburg tours, we received a prompt and personalized response from Katya giving us all of the information that we would need to make an informed decision about our options. We initially booked a tour for two people and then over time added other members of our family until all 8 of us had elected to join the group. Kata welcomed each change and made all transactions smooth and seamless for us. We were most surprised to learn that advance payment was not required and was in fact payable on the second day of our 2-day tour. Everything was finalized on a “virtual handshake” and we were on our way. We were met on schedule at the St. Petersburg harbour and escorted to a very comfortable, clean and modern Mercedes van. Our group of 8 had plenty of room to spread out and be comfortable and our tour guide Mila and drive Igor (please forgive spelling) welcomed us warmly and introduced us to what we would experience over the next 48 hours or so. We experienced a number of memorable sights and were given a great overall understanding of the history of the region and the attractions we visited. We had early admission into the Hermitage making our visit much more pleasant than it could have been if we had waited in the long lines we witnessed other tourists in. We really appreciated the pace that Mila kept things at giving us a good overview of all there was to see while keeping us moving along so that we didn’t miss out on anything she had planned for us. At the same time, she remained flexible to allow us to customize things to some degree and always had time to stop and take pictures of our family for us in idyllic settings. We appreciated the extras provided such as bottles of water when we needed a drink, the efficient headphone system making it possible to hear all of the information clearly while looking around at all of the amazing sights. Our driver was fast, yet safe and always focused on getting us out ahead of the crowds - especially at our night at the ballet where we were the first to hit the road and make our way back to the ship with lengthy delays at the passport control area. The itinerary was well planned to expose us to as much as possible without undue fatigue and we loved every minute of it. Finally, we truly felt that we received great value for our money. We took other tours during our cruise, both privately and through ship shore excursions and found this private tour to be very competitively priced with a much higher level of value. A special thanks to our guide and driver and we would not hesitate to recommend this tour to anyone visiting the St. Petersburg area. Thank you for a special time that our family will remember for a very, very long time. Here are a couple of pictures of our family on the tour including one with Mila and Igor.

Visited June 30-July 1, 2018, Britannia
Helen & Alan Alsept Visited June 30-July 1, 2018, Britannia

Hello Katya,

Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed our trip around St Petersburg. Our Guide and driver were both excellent and really made our trip. They even took us to a couple of good Russian restaurants that we thoroughly enjoyed. The only down side was the weather was not too warm but we understand that it improved after we left. Back in England now where the temperature is very warm. Once again many thanks.

Visited June 11-13, 2016, Eclipse
John & Lynn Cobbold Visited June 11-13, 2016, Eclipse

Hi Katya,

We wanted to thank you so much for such for a wonderfully organised three day trip. Lana is a dream, a real professional with great character, personality and customer service skills. She accommodated our needs and fitted in our last minute requests (mostly to pop in the gift shop) within the busy schedule. Three days flew past, Alexander was always pleasant, polite and punctual. Considerate to our wanting to stop and photograph everything and joined us for coffee when we stopped. With limited English he communicated well via Lana and together they made the trip extra memorable for us. It felt like we were six on holiday not just four and two. Katya you put up with our many and various requests and changes and came up with exactly what we wanted at the pace we coped with, thank you again. One piece of feedback you might like to consider. On the last day you kindly presented us with momentums of our time in St Petersburg, lovely, thank you. Our suggestion is to still present the gift at the end but hand out the badges at the beginning. That way the others on the cruise will see you advertised or will stop us and ask about your services and like us upon return seek your services. Just a thought to get you more visual. We have Trip Adviser reviewed you under ‘Shoeburyness Tolly’ you may recognise me from the photo (not shaved since holiday and gone a bit mad!). Good luck with your business and send our best wishes to Lana & Alexander. Enjoy the photos.

Visited May 29-30, 2017, Magnifica
John Gibson & the Party Visited May 29-30, 2017, Magnifica

Hi Katya,

We are now home safe and sound after a wonderful holiday. Our experience in St. Petersburg was fantastic. Natalie was an exceptional guide with great knowledge of all the sites. I have attached some photos which you can use however you choose.

Visited August 18, 2016, Musica
Diane Ellison & the Party Visited August 18, 2016, Musica

Hi Katya,

I just wanted to say thank you so much to you for organising our tour so well on Thursday, it was perfect. Svetlana did a fantastic job and we all really enjoyed it, I really appreciate your patience in sorting out exactly what we wanted. I will go on trip advisor and leave a very positive review when we get home. Thanks again

Visited July 19-20, 2016, Serenade of the Seas
Anne & Martin Watson Visited July 19-20, 2016, Serenade of the Seas


I just put a very positive review on Trip Advisor. It was a fabulous 2 day tour of St Petersburg. Mila was excellent and got us in to all the museums and palaces with little wait time. We felt we saw so much and learned so much Russian history. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will recommend you to any of our friends who plan to visit Russia. We have not downloaded our pictures yet from our camera but I will send some when we do. Mila took so many for us. Thank you so much for a very memorable experience.

Visited July 25-26, 2016, Marina
Kent & Marilyn Wilson Visited July 25-26, 2016, Marina

Hello Katya,

I hope that you are keeping well. We arrived home safely and enjoyed our entire cruise ship experience. However, our main reason for taking this particular cruise was to see St. Petersburg, as one of the very important world cities to visit. Historically and aesthetically, we were very impressed and consider it to be a beautifully preserved gem. Your tour's full itinerary, scheduling and organization, touring vehicle, and overall competence was simply excellent. Our superb driver Paul (Pasha) and highly knowledgeable guide Miss Mila were so exceptional and their performance and conduct greatly exceeded our expectations. In the end, it is your staff that must make the quality of the tour. As very well traveled and seasoned tourists, we could not be more pleased. We have a treasured experience to remember. I am not usually happy giving opinion on internet sites because they often require one to open an account with them, followed by an avalanche of emails and sales, forever. However, I will try the link and see, but will not promise. I will send a couple of photos for your customer gallery by another email from my ipad. I was surprised on the volume of our cruise people that took the more expensive and less complete ship tours. They do not know what they missed, except the ones we spoke to later about our experience with KURS. I think that many want the secure comfort of the ship's tours. Thank you for your message and our wonderful experience in Russia.

Visited June 16-17, 2015, Brilliance of the Seas
Lynette Stone Visited June 16-17, 2015, Brilliance of the Seas

St Petersburg would have to be the highlight of our holiday.there were 9 of us all close friends from Christchurch New Zealand.We were very impressed with having our own 10 seater bus and a wonderful tour leader Mela, who was so knowledgeable about St Petersburg and Leningrad.We didn't have to queue with all the big tour parties.Mela had it all arranged.When we were planning our cruise we did have a look at Trip Advisor.

Visited June 2015
Vijay Arora Visited June 2015

Dear Katya,

I missed this mail of years and read it today. I am happy to tell you that our trip to St. Peters berg was an excellent experience and all the members of my family enjoyed it. Needless to say that it was due to the excellent arrangements made by you. I am attaching a photograph of the group. I must mention that Ludmila was an excellent guide. In our group we had a Tour operator from India. www.Royal Expeditions.com. He operates in four countries and was praisig your group hadlig. Thanks once again.

Visited August 23-24, 2015, Norwegian Star
Gillian & Rhoena Visited August 23-24, 2015, Norwegian Star

Dear Katya,
Thank you for your e mail. We are so grateful to you. We had a most wonderful two days with Irina and Paul. They were quite amazing and went to great lengths to make our visits in St. Petersburg memorable. We felt very privileged to have these two to ourselves. Irina is so well informed on Russian history – she made it come alive for us. The two things that have stayed in my memory are the floors in St. Catherine’s palace – the workmanship is so to be admired. I also loved seeing the Rembrandt paintings. Irina explained “The Prodigal Son” to us. I was amazed at how big the painting was. She told us about the father’s hands – one was like a mother’s and the others like a father’s.

Thank you for your generosity in allowing us a private tour at no extra cost. We must be the luckiest two people on Norwegian Star. Here are a couple of photographs. I only got back to Durban on Monday having spent 9 days with my family in London and Rhoena gets back on 17th September.

Best regards to you and to Irina and Paul.

Visited July 11-12, 2015
Vanessa Curtis Visited July 11-12, 2015

Dear Katya,

Please accept my sincere apologies for my very delayed reply, but a huge Thank You from the 4 of us for putting together such an unforgettable introduction to St Petersburg. We looked forward to your programme of visits and the promise of a small group of maybe 10 people . . . and were not disappointed - but were delighted to be met by Svetlana, Boris and our private taxi - we felt like VIPs! Svetlana did a wonderful job of sharing information and enthusiasm for the history and geography of St. Petersburg. She's a real "Duracell Bunny" (she must run on those batteries that never wear out!). She worked her magic so that we rarely queued and Boris ensured that we parked close to everywhere we visited. We were really spoiled. Providing drinking water, a packed lunch and a delicious restaurant meal were features much appreciated and missing from other travellers' tours - well done! Choosing such a quality souvenir shop was popular with us too . . . so we treated ourselves to some lovely mementoes. The organisation and delivery of the tour was seamless and highly professional. Thank you for your experuence, preparation and attention to detail. We had an amazing time. Thank you everyone in the team. I attach a couple of photos. If you like them, please use the photos and/or any comments you choose. Best wishes

Visited August 15-16, 2015, Regal Princess
Michele Davis Visited August 15-16, 2015, Regal Princess

Dear Katya,

Gary and I had the best tour in St. Petersberg. Firstly, we were so excited to be driven around town by Antoine in a beautiful Mercedes. But more important was the tour to led by Mila. Thank you for giving her to us. She is by far the most knowledgable person and so well spoken. We felt like we learned a school years full of Russian History. And also thanks for the delicious lunches. Will send you our praises and will recommend your company to friends and family, as will as comments on Trip Advisor. So stay well and again thanks for an incredible experience in St. Petersberg Please send our best regards to Mila.

Visited May 8-9, 2015, Celebrity Silhouette
Sue Hart Visited May 8-9, 2015, Celebrity Silhouette


Thanks for contacting me about our trip in St. Petersburg. We really enjoyed it. The trip was very interesting and really well organised. Our guide was excellent and the driver was safe and reliable. I think she changed the itinerary slightly as the weather was changeable, so we had a lovely sunny day in Peterhoff .It was definitely the highlight of our cruise!.I will put a message on trip adviser and send some photos later. The only thing I would mention is we were a bit late on the first day because of the long slow cues at Russian customs, and we did give ourselves 40mins extra, it was chaos. It might be an idea to warn customers of the potential hold ups at customs in Russia and give themselves plenty of time if the other cues are long, as everyone was leaving the ship at the same time. The second day wasn't as bad. Again thank you again for your professional service and hope to use you company again.

Visited April 23-28, 2014
John Secker Visited April 23-28, 2014

Hi Katya,

Sorry for the slow response it’s been a bit manic since we got home.I was delighted with the visit to St. Petersburg and the arrangements you made for me. Irina is both an excellent guide and a delightful person, I hope she enjoyed our time together as much as I did. You have a wonderful city as your home and the restoration of recent years is truly amazing. With regard to the bank problems – absolutely no issue from my side – as a banker of some forty years’ experience I am no longer surprised by what banks can do to make life difficult for their customers! All the best for your business which I will happily recommend to any of my friends should they decide to visit.

Visited August 12-13, 2014, Brilliance of the Seas
Bill Henson Visited August 12-13, 2014, Brilliance of the Seas

Hi Katya,

Sorry for the delay in replying but we’ve only just sorted out the photographs. Thanks very much for organising an amazing two day tour for us. Lana and Paul were both excellent and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Lana was very knowledgeable and happy to answer our questions and tailor the tour to our wishes – so for example we were happy to have the opportunity to visit a local market. We’ve attached a few photos as requested. We will be leaving a good review on TripAdvisor. Thanks again for organising the trip just for the two of us at such a reasonable price. Please pass on our best wishes and thanks to Lana and Paul.

Visited June 28-29, 2014, Norwegian Star
Allan & Alice Gould Visited June 28-29, 2014, Norwegian Star


We are now back home in Australia and would like to thank you for arranging what was a memorable tour for Alice and I. Lana and Ivan are a credit to your company and made us feel welcome and at the same time comfortable in your beautiful City. Touring with them we felt like members of their family. Lana's passion was evident and we both felt that we left St. Petersburg with a greater understanding of the past and present history and culture. We wish your company every success and have no hesitation in recommending you to other travelers as well as friends who are coming to St. Petersburg. All the best for the future.

Visited June 14-15, 2014, Eclipse
Gail Stefano Visited June 14-15, 2014, Eclipse

Hi Katya,

As promised I am emailing some photographs for your web site. We had a wonderful time in St. Peterburg. So much to see and learn. Alana and Sergio were wonderful hosts. Alana is a mine of information really enjoyed meeting her.

Visited June 5-7, 2014, Azamara Journey
Paul & Denise Armati Visited June 5-7, 2014, Azamara Journey

Hi Katya,

We are currently in Stockholm ready to fly to Athens. We really enjoyed our 2 days with Mila and found it really easy for just the 2 of us to be with her. Her knowledge was huge. Our driver was also great always helping me down the big step of the van. We will send photos when we get home in 2 weeks. We thought we may have met you but it was your partner. Once again thanks for a great experience.

Visited June 29-30, 2014, Eurodam
Denis Rooney Visited June 29-30, 2014, Eurodam

Hi Katya,

We had a great experience with your company and all arrangements were great. Elena did a great job and I have already sent a very positive review to Trip Advisor. You should be rightly proud of your business and I will be delighted to recommend you to anyone.I will forward a few photos.

Visited May 24-25, 2015, Eurodam
Derek & Peter Mundell Visited May 24-25, 2015, Eurodam

Dear Katya,

Thelma & I returned to South Africa yesterday and are spending a few days with family members before flying home to the Cape on Sunday. We also join Derek & Alda in thanking you for the super tours you took us on in St Petersburg. We bring back some good memories and many photos to sort through. We will also add comments to Trip Advisor shortly. Best regards.

Visited May 18-19, 2014, Royal Princess
Pete Weber Visited May 18-19, 2014, Royal Princess

Hello Katya:

We are in Copenhagen and will be home on the 27th. I am planning to give you a nice writeup in Trip Advisor for sure. We very much enjoyed our tour with Irina and Valery. They were excellent and you may be proud to have them in your employ. I will be glad to send a few pictures as well. Once we are home there will be a few days of getting back to normal, but if you have not heard from me in a couple of weeks, it will be my bad memory, so feel free to drop me a note to remind me!

Visited June 16-17, 2013, Norwegian Star
Xochitl Tortolero Visited June 16-17, 2013, Norwegian Star

Dear Katya,

We are still on our trip. We want to thank you for your help. Nadia and Grigory were more than phenomenal persons, friends and treated as family!! So professional, kind, helpful that made our trip to Saint Petersburg great!! Sorry for not sending any pictures in this moment, we have no wires to download from camera, but promess to write back and send them as soon as we arrive to Mexico. We would like to recommend your company with other friends and with the Spanish company who arranged our cruise. We are sure that many people make this cruise, mainly is for your country and certain people on the cruise must know about people like you. We would like to come back for many more days, and be sure we will contact you! I promess to send pictures to Nadia. Please, send her meanwhile our greetings, she is an adorable girl! So nice and intelligent that we missed her! Hope we can meet you next time too! If you ever come to Mexico, please contact us!

Visited June 16-17, 2013, Norwegian Star
George Deng Visited June 16-17, 2013, Norwegian Star

As a party of 4, we had a great experience during the 2 day tour in St. Petersburg, thanks to knowledgeable tourist guide Mila and cooperative driver Sergey. We spent 2 hours going thru the port immigration, "the worst immigration of all ports", as one cruiseship crew member said, and we were among the last to come out. However, Mila patiently waited at the exit for us, and started to work hard "to change our impression of St. Petersburg". She did. As we toured the Whinter and Summer Palaces and nearby cathedrals, Mila was able to tell stories in great details, and reminded us that the city was a cradle of 3 revolutions. We were extremely glad to learn about the difference between St. Petersburg and Leningrad, about the line the German troops were stopped at during WWII, about the local attitude towards Moscow, and to our pleasant surprise, the song Moscow Night was originally composed in and about St. Petersburg! At Mila's suggestion, we stopped at a bridge where we could see 7 bridges, to appreciate the beauty of "the Venice of the North". As we looked at the murmuring rivers flowing by, we saw a tranquil night in which young lovers strolled by. We experienced pouring rain at the palace gardens, but Mila was able to guide us to shelter in time, and when the rain was over, she lost no time in showing us major scenic spots. We were unable to get to the historic cruiser Aurora in our first attempt as scheduled due to traffic congestion, but Sergey was kind enough to make it up at another time when traffic was good. At one point Mila explained to us that St. Petersburg is still new at a cruise port, this being only 3rd year. We started to understand the 2 hour wait at the immigration and sincerely wished for their improvement in the near future. Mila and Sergey gave us great impression of St. Petersburg. The 2 fun-filled days were a great memory and cultural experience. We strongly recommend KURS-SPb to fellow tourists.

Visited July 1-2, 2013, Adventure of the Seas
Joao Carlos & the Party Visited July 1-2, 2013, Adventure of the Seas

Dear Katya,

My Family and I were very happy to meet you, your company and Olga! She was great, and we had great time on St. Petersburg! Tks a lot for your attention with us!

Visited June 7-8, 2013, Constellation
Judi & the Party Visited June 7-8, 2013, Constellation

Hi Katya,

We enjoyed our tour. Ludmilla and Sergei were very accommodating, and Ludmilla is a wealth of knowledge about all of the sites and of Russian history, and her English was very good. Sergei is a wonderful driver., and the vehicle was clean and comfortable. He had the car where we needed it the whole time. Pretty amazing in some of the traffic we experienced. We needed to purchase a couple of items and had time to go to a 24-hour big box store. It was fun comparing prices and items in Russia with what we find in our stores. The subway ride was pretty amazing; we were glad we could do that. I know the season for tourism is very short. The sites were very crowded and we were glad we had a private tour for only 4 people. Ludmilla was a master at working our way through the crowds. We were very glad we had Ludmilla with us all the time because she knew the ropes with the venues we visited. It is very important to build in bathroom stops into the tours. There are so few places so planning them every couple hours into the tours would be good. Also to let people know ahead of time that most are pay facilities and to have rubles ready. Places for lunch that are casual and fairly quick but where people who do not speak Russian can communicate in English need to be found and programmed into the tours. (These are long days, and a lunch break is really needed.) I know Russia is pretty new to tourism. Every other country we visited English was not a problem. We’d love to come back to St. Petersburg, but would not feel comfortable exploring on our own because of the inability to communicate. This may be a catch-up issue for Russia – teaching English in the schools so the young people are bi-lingual. By the end of the second day, we were exhausted and overwhelmed with all we had seen and headed back to the ship a little early. We had seen everything on the tour (and more!) and assured Ludmilla that we were well satisfied with the tour. I don’t know if they do tours of the Maryiinsky Theatre, but that might be something different that could be included instead of a palace or church to customize private tours. Another venue that might be of interest is a sports arena. These would be connections to events that Russian people of today might experience. Just some ideas. A few pictures for you. Thanks again for organizing our tour so that everything ran very smoothly!

Visited June 9-10, 2013, Emerald Princess
Howard Tsang Visited June 9-10, 2013, Emerald Princess

As mentioned in my e-mail yesterday that we were extremely happy and satisfied with everything that your company and your colleagues have arranged and rendered for us before and during the two days excursion in St. Petersburg. Firstly the communications with you before our arrival were always very clear and informative and the responses have always been very quick. We were able to know exactly what will be arranged for us, what we need to bring and present at the immigration, exactly where and when to meet up etc. It was very smooth and no hustles! Your guide Lana (Svetlana) is excellent. The entire itinerary was well organised. She is so knowledgeable in everything, her introductions were all very thorough and impressive. A highly responsible and hard working lady but with a good sense of humour too! She even taught us Russian songs too! We would like to take the opportunity to send her a big thank you and wish to say "yellow blue bus" (she knows what that means!). Nevertheless, please also thank the bus driver for us too. He is a very polite person and his driving manner was very good. Unfortunately I cannot remember his name as my Russian is no good! Once again many thanks. We all enjoyed our visits in St. Petersburg.

Visited August 2-3, 2012, Eurodam
Harriett Fox Visited August 2-3, 2012, Eurodam

Hello Katya,

I have just finished a complaint letter to the airline, so it is a pleasure to write you to tell you that everything was perfect for our tour of St. Petersburg! Nadia was wonderful to us, and so knowledgeable. She took great care of us. It was great to have Alex drive us, too. Even the weather was fantastic. Our pictures look just like the sunny postcards. Unfortunately we did not get a photo of our whole group, but I am sending two photos in separate emails. I really can't say what was my favorite destination. They were all different and wonderful in their own way. We all liked the places we ate lunches and dinners, too. Pancakes and pies and beef Stroganov... Oh my! As I think I told you, we were traveling as part of a group of quilters. Even their director did not know it was possible to tour Peter with other tour companies besides the ship's excursions. We gave her your contact information, in case they arrange another Baltic cruise in the future. Everyone should be able to have the wonderful experience we did. I plan to comment on Trip Advisor tomorrow. Thanks again for everything.

Visited July 19-20, 2012, Norwegian Sun
Morag Wade-Lehman Visited July 19-20, 2012, Norwegian Sun

Dear Katya,

Thank you soooo much for the most amazing 2 days in St Petersburg. Nadia was delightful and a fabulous guide. I would recommend her to anyone. It was such a pleasure being shown around and having personal attention. And I got to see everything I wanted to see. It was a dream come true. Thank you soooo much for all your assistance and patience in helping me put the tour together. I would also recommend your company to friends and future visitors. It was all hassle free. Thanks again and best regards to you all.

Visited July 10, 2012, Costa Luminosa
Ingrid Pentek Visited July 10, 2012, Costa Luminosa

Dear Katya!

Now when we are back home I would just like to say big thank you for a wonderful day we spent in St. Petersburg with your help. We really enjoyed that long and very active day in your exciting city. Of course special thanks to the driver and your excellent guide Irina. She was so knowledgeable, friendly and responsive to all our needs, but still allowing us to see as much as possible in a day.We will keep our good memories. I wish you and your company every success in the future. Thanks again.

Visited May 26-27, 2012, Norwegian Sun
Roger Chung Visited May 26-27, 2012, Norwegian Sun

Dear Katya,

I have just written a comment (giving you 5 star and strongly recommend your company to others) at tripadvisor.com. It may take couple days for it to be published. Attached is a photo of 4 of us (I am standing on the right, next to my wife who wears red coat). Sorry that I don’t have a group photo at St. Petersburg. Wish you all the best. Please send my regards to Iriana.

Visited May 18-19, 2012, Emerald Princess
Steven Ng Visited May 18-19, 2012, Emerald Princess


Thank you very much and we all enjoyed the shore tour. Your guide Svetlana was super and very knowledgeable. Victor is a good driver and care for us. We found a little too much for most of us to keep up the long walks. Best regards.

Visited May 16-17, 2012, Queen Victoria
Roger Beynon Visited May 16-17, 2012, Queen Victoria

Hi Katya

My apologies for the late reply but life has been hectic since we arrived home. Let me begin by offering a very big thank you to all the team at KURS-SPb for all the hard work you must surely put in to provide clients with such a wonderful experience in St. Petersburg. Everything went like clockwork, from the punctual pick up at the cruise terminal each morning to our safe return port side each evening. The itinerary was terrific, while the timing and arrangements over the 2 days to ensure we saw all the palaces, museums and all of the wonderful sights we had agreed were first class. Svetlana our tour guide and Yuri our driver were both excellent, their skills, local knowledge and good manners were displayed throughout no matter how busy the crowds or heavy the city traffic, so a very big thank you to them for looking after us in such a professional, courteous and safe manner. I would also thank you personally for the clear and helpful way that you dealt with the many questions I put during our pre booking communications, the information you provided made choosing your company so much easier. Finally, my wife and I both agree that we could not have asked for a better company to arrange our St Petersburg visit with and we would not hesitate to use KURS-SPb once again should we return to St Petersburg . Kind regards to you all.

Visited September 19-21, 2013, Oceania Marina
Linda & David DeOme Visited September 19-21, 2013, Oceania Marina


We, as well as my sister and brother-in-law, were especially impressed with our tour guide Irenya and our driver Sergei (I may not have spelled their names correctly. Irenya was extremely knowledgeable of the history of St. Petersburg and Russia and we learned so mush information about your city and country from her. Sergei drove us safely and comfortably around the city and delivered us to our destinations in timely manner. We were very impressed with the ease in which Irenya was able to skip by the heavy crowds at the entrance to the places and churches and get us right in. Both, Irenya and Sergei, were very gratious, delightful, and friendly. We truly enjoyed our three day tour of your lovely city with your company and the places we visited. We would highly recommend your company to any of our friends who may be traveling to St. Petersburg in future. Attached are a few photos of us while on tour in St. Petersburg.