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Licensed, well-trained, experienced and entertaining guides work for our company.

They will not only share their knowledge of art, architecture and culture, but also gladly answer all possible questions you may have and give you insight into everyday routine, people's habits and traditions. With their help the history of the city will come to life.

Irina Avdeeva Irina Avdeeva English Speaking Guide

I am Irina. I trained to be a teacher of foreign languages at Teacher Training University. I took a course in the English and German languages. I have always been keen on English since I started to study it at school when I was ten, and later it didn't take me long to decide...

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Natalie Terekhova Natalie Terekhova English Speaking Guide

When our world was 300 years younger, all life changing events were being shaped much more sharply than nowadays. Suffering and joy, trouble and luck were felt much stronger than now. All human feelings were as sincere, bright and natural as only a child can perceive...

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Svetlana Yanova Svetlana Yanova English Speaking Guide

Hello, my name is Svetlana, but I prefer Lana. I Iike being a guide and I love my native St. Petersburg. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a great variety of interesting venues: palaces and churches, museums and theatres, rivers and canals...

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Ludmila Mikhailuta Ludmila Mikhailuta English Speaking Guide

I graduated from the University as a teacher of English. While I was a student I was infatuated with the idea to combine my knowledge of English with the subject of Saint Petersburg history and culture. That was how I took a path to guiding. Saint Petersburg is more than...

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Nadia Smotkin Nadia Smotkin English Speaking Guide

My name is Nadia. I have been living in St. Petersburg for all my life, it is my native city. I have always felt a spiritual connection with my city and didn't stop admiring its unique beauty: its magnificent and romantic rivers and canals, endless bridges, long and wide avenues...

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