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Irina Avdeeva

I am Irina. I trained to be a teacher of foreign languages at Teacher Training University. I took a course in the English and German languages. I have always been keen on English since I started to study it at school when I was ten, and later it didn't take me long to decide what to do after finishing school. I used to teach English at University and to employees of different international companies for many years. I should say I really liked it.

But a few years ago I felt I wanted to try something else. So I decided to change my line, did a course in tour guiding and made it my full time job. Living in such a fantastic city as St. Petersburg gives you a lot of opportunities to learn and discover, and being a tour guide you have a constant need to move on to new knowledge. It is a very evolving job. I entirely enjoy it.

Meeting new people, showing them around our stunning city and sharing your knowledge with them is really great. Moreover, it is very exciting and challenging to deal with people from around the world getting to know their cultures, traditions and views. I am quite a sociable and outspoken person and also, I reckon, quite talkative.

So, apart from giving information about the city, I never refuse to speak about something else regarding the past and the present of our country, people's everyday life and concerns and any other issues that might interest our guests. I love the city I live in. Every time I show visitors around St. Petersburg I can's help feeling proud of it and falling in love with it again and again. So, why not come to St. Petersburg and see everything with your own eyes with us?