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Natalie Terekhova

When our world was 300 years younger, all life changing events were being shaped much more sharply than nowadays. Suffering and joy, trouble and luck were felt much stronger than now. All human feelings were as sincere, bright and natural as only a child can perceive grief and joy at present. Each action, each event had to be performed by following a certain ritual that kept the style of life. St-Petersburg founded in 1703 became the first city where such rituals and traditions were broken. Well, a high price was paid for the birth of a new life philosophy, and definitely new values had to fight with the old ones! However, despite of all the fights and troubles St-Petersburg grew getting more and more beautiful.

Hi, my name is Natalie and I would be delighted to show you around my wonderful city. I am qualified as a St-Petersburg Tour Guide with all the museum licenses and I hold the State accreditation of our Government. I am a graduate of St-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts where I majored in Russian and European history, Fine Arts history and English. I like traveling: I visited England, Scotland and Wales several times following and tracing my favorite characters depicted by British writers. I liked exploring Italian Renaissance masters as I traveled around galleries in Florence, Rome, Milan and Siena. I am sure I can explain why and how Russian Royal family were collecting paintings and sculptures that formed such a world famous museum like the Hermitage. I was formally an exchange student at the Ohio State University in Columbus, USA and during that time I formed some lifetime friendships with a few American people as well as people from many other countries around the world, and I realized we all have so much more in common that people perceive. I am passionate about my work and I hope together with you we can make your trip to St-Petersburg even more surprising and memorable!