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Ludmila Mikhailuta

I graduated from the University as a teacher of English. While I was a student I was infatuated with the idea to combine my knowledge of English with the subject of Saint Petersburg history and culture. That was how I took a path to guiding. Saint Petersburg is more than merely a big and nice city - it is the phenomenal manifestation of Russian 400 centuries history and culture. I finished my study at the Guiding Courses and University and began my professional carrier in both directions. In the middle of 90-s years I had to change my activity and to turn to the sphere of business as a manager for a big trans-international company. It was challenging and the experience was a good contribution into my general and professional background: business trips to England to be an interpreter / courses at a Business Language School etc. But I remained faithful to my real attachment - guiding. That is why as soon as the circumstances changed I came back to my previous work. I believe that guiding in Saint Petersburg is not simply a sort of a job - it is a mission! And honorable one! It is because Saint Petersburg is the cradle of Russian history and depository of world cultural treasures! It is a pleasure and honor to unfold before the eyes of the guests of this city its inexhaustible wealth of arts attainments and spiritual quests of the most prominent creators! Welcome to Saint Petersburg!