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Payment. Discounts. Gratuity

Do you require any deposit to book a tour?
1) NO DEPOSITS FOR SMALLER PARTIES (up to 15 people). You pay for your tour here in St. Petersburg at the end of the FIRST TOURING DAY.

2) 30% DEPOSIT FOR LARGER PARTIES OVER 15 PEOPLE 1 MONTH PRIOR THE TOUR (via remote credit card payment or bank wire transfer).


• 14 days and earlier: 100% REFUND of the deposit if you cancel your reservation in written form no later than 14 days prior the start of the tour

• 13-3 days: CANCELLATION FEE for the non-refundable museum/entertainment tickets already purchased (as per your confirmed itinerary)

• 48 hours and less: No REFUND of the deposit

• If your ship misses the port: CANCELLATION FEE for the non-refundable museum/entertainment tickets already purchased (as per your confirmed itinerary)

• No REFUND of the deposit in case of no-show on the day of disembarkation without explaining any reasons in written form

The balance of 70% is paid here in St. Petersburg at the end of the first touring day.

3) 100% PRE-PAYMENT if you book any of the Baltic ports and do not tour with us in St. Petersburg.
How do we pay for the tour?
Payment in St. Petersburg is collected at the end of the FIRST TOURING DAY. There are two methods of payment:

1) CASH PAYMENT. PLEASE NOTE: if you decide to pay cash we accept clean and crisp bills only in good condition – without any marks, stamps and any slightest damage on them. This is the rule of our Bank and if we do not follow it the bank commission for these bills will be 10% off their value. Bills in bad condition will not be accepted. We count on your understanding.

2) CREDIT CARD PAYMENT at the end of the first touring day. We accept VISA or Master Card only – other types of credit cards are not accepted. We will charge the sum from your credit card in Rubles (the final total we discussed in Dollars will be converted into Rubles during the payment process). The currency exchange rate will be established according to the current exchange rate of the Russian State Central Bank on the day of payment.


Are there any extras I should pay during the tour?
Our Best Value Tours include the cost of guiding and driving services as per program, cost of admission tickets to all sights listed on the itinerary, port fees and taxes (including your entry tour tickets for the disembarkation), bottled water, lunches each day as described on the itinerary, headphone sets for parties over 8. Gratuity for the guide and driver and the cost of evening activity is not included.

Our Private Tours include all mentioned above with the exception of lunch cost. Lunches are not included on a regular basis so you will have to pay for them extra along the way.

Also you may need some amount of Rubles to pay for such minor needs as WC, additional bottle of water, a cup of coffee etc.

How payment is handled if we book several Baltic Ports (incl. St. Petersburg)?
1) SMALLER PARTIES (up to 16 people): payment is due in full (for all Baltic ports booked) here in St. Petersburg at the end of the FIRST TOURING DAY either with credit card or cash

2) LARGER PARTIES (over 16 people): 30% deposit is required 1 month prior the start of your cruise. The balance of 70% is paid in St. Petersburg at the END OF THE FIRST TOURING DAY with either credit card or cash.
Do you have discounts for children/students/seniors?
- Kids under 6 are FREE OF CHARGE
- Kids/teenagers/students of 7-18 years old get discount according to the described itineraries on our web-site

Valid ISIC IS NECESSARY TO CLAIM FOR STUDENT DISCOUNT (14-18 years old) - so, please bring it with you. Otherwise, adult charge will be applied.

Unfortunately, local museums do not offer discounts for senior foreign guests.
What is the suggested tipping for the guide and driver?
We never add tipping to the cost of our tours. Is goes separately from the tour cost. It is your personal decision to give the gratuity to the guide and driver or not (and decide on the amount of tipping). Recommended amount is 15% from the cost of the tour covering both guide and driver. It always goes complimentary from our guests depending on how much they enjoyed our services. If you feel you wish to compliment your guide and driver on their work – just give them the amount of $$ you think appropriate at the end of the tour. Please, prepare some cash to tip the guide and driver as we will not be able to charge it from your credit card.
Should I bring Russian currency on a tour?
As for Rubbles, you will need some amount to pay for your lunches/meals (if they are not included into your itinerary on a regular basis as in case with the Best Value Tour) and for some minor needs such as buying a bottle of additional water, or to pay for W/C etc…

The cost of one lunch/meal at one of the local cafes is about 300-500 RUR per person depending on what you order. It will not be a problem to get Rubles here in St. Petersburg. Just let the guide know that you need Russian currency and she will show you the place where you may get it. It won’t take long. Or you may take care of it in advance onboard, for example.

As for souvenirs, it will be fine to pay for them in US dollars cash or Euros (small vendors in the city do accept them). Larger souvenir stores accept credit cards.