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Meeting on a First Day

Where and when do we meet you?
Your meeting time is indicated on your confirmed itinerary – so, please, look carefully at the schedule.

Your guide will be meeting you several steps off the exit from the customs zone. As soon as you pass through the immigration control you will enter the meeting hall and will notice your guide waiting for you with the blue/white sign “KURS-SPb” in her hands. After that together you will get on the van and leave the port area to start your touring day.
What is the process of disembarkation?
The process of the disembarkation is about the same every year. After your ship is docked in port it will be cleared by the Russian Authorities (usually it takes 30-40 min). Right after that all passengers (no matter if they are booked with the ship tour or local tour operator) are able to disembark the ship. Please be ready to go ashore by the time mentioned on your itinerary without delay in order not to waste your precious touring time. The guide will be waiting for you at the arrivals/meeting hall after you pass through the immigration control on your own.

Please, don’t forget the following for the disembarkation:

1) Valid Passport,
2) One black/white copy of the passport photo page
3) KURS-SPb Tour Ticket

At the immigration control you will receive a completed electronic immigration form from the officer. Please, keep this form inside your passport as you will need to show it to the officer along with your KURS-SPb tour ticket each time you go though immigration/passport control.

IMPORTANT: please, DO NOT go ashore earlier than the time indicated on your itinerary as the meeting time. Port terminal has specific rules: cruise ship guests are not allowed to stay at the exit from the customs zone alone (in case if they decided to disembark earlier than the time mentioned on the itinerary) waiting for their guide to arrive. If the port administration will notice you standing alone there will be penalty measures applied. So please strictly follow your meeting timing according to the confirmed itinerary each day. We count on your understanding! Thank you.

What if the ship is delayed/changes the docking place?
As for the meeting on the day of your arrival, we insist that our guests would strictly follow the meeting time according to the confirmed itinerary – especially if it is a group tour (when you are combined with other cruisers from the same ship). It would not be good to make others wait for you and waste your precious touring time.

But, of course, in case of any emergency such as the delay of the cruise (though, I must admit it never happened!), or delay of the customs clearance during disembarkation – we wait for the tour participants until they appear at the exit from the customs zone.

In case the ship changes the docking place (docks in another port) – you should not need to worry as well. We have all measures applied to monitor any changes in the ship sailing schedule. Constant cooperation with port gives us the ability to notice any changes on time and promptly react to them.

In case if you feel you are too late for meeting or if you feel that at the very last minute you are not going to disembark at all, please, give us a call (or text message). Thank you for understanding!