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Itinerary & Tour Logistics

How flexible are your tours?
If you are joining one of our Private Tours, you are very welcome with any changes or adjustments to the itinerary. If the time and the actual situation in the city permits – you may even modify some parts of your tour along the way after discussing it with your guide (shortening/extending the visiting time, omit some of the options you are not interested and add something from your preferred list)
What is included into the tour price?
All our tours are calculated as packages including all charges for the guide and driver, port fees and taxes, admission tickets to all sights listed on the tour, still/video camera permissions, bottled water, lunches (on Best Value Tours only!)
Do we need to stay in lines entering museums?
All our groups have the advantage of passing by the main crowds at the entry. We reserve all admission tickets for guests in advance and provide the guide with a special entry voucher. It means you won’t have to stay in line at the entry to the museum to buy the admission pass. All you need to do is to follow your guide and enjoy the process.
How do you handle with museums days-off?
All our itineraries are carefully planned according to the days off of the museums. On 1-day tours you may notice that we offer a choice of the particular schedule depending on the day of the week your ship is going to dock in port. If it is 2 or 3 day programs, we may alter the sequence of sights or to shift the visits from one day to another affording you to catch all that is mentioned on the original plan. So, no need to worry – you won’t miss anything!
What is the difference between the Best Value Tour and Private Tour?
Our Best Value Tours are the programs created for a group sightseeing. You join the fixed program (the schedule of it is not the subject for any additions/adjustments on your end) with the fixed price (the flat rate does not depend on the number of people in the group) and just wait for the start of the cruise. On our part, we may add other fellow cruisers from your ship, but promise to keep the maximum number of 10 (and not more!).

Private Tours you are the boss! We will be happy to rearrange any of the sample itineraries we have according to your preferences. But, pay attention that the price of the tour varies depending on the number of people in your own private party.

Does Peterhoff Tour cover Grand Palace?
Not all of our itineraries include this visit, and we will explain why. The Peterhoff Grand Palace and Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin are very much alike. They are both built in the same architectural style by the same architect Rastrelli. So, in order to keep your itinerary balanced and to escape repetitive sightseeing of two similar interior styles (there is also the kind of “flow of people” inside the Grand Palace) we prefer to keep the interiors of the Catherine’s Palace with its world famous Amber Room and the gardens of Peterhoff with the magnificent fountains also known as Russian Versailles (and not the interiors of the Grand Palace). Regarding the fact that you have very limited time in the city it looks reasonable. However, if you are still interested in the inside visit to the Grand palace it will cost extra $20 US per person.
Does Hermitage Tour include the Gold Room?
This is a separate section at the Hermitage museum and the entry here should be booked in advance. The tour at the Gold Room will take 1h and it will be lead by the local Hermitage guide. Many guests are not quite satisfied with the quality this guide gives. The main complaint is that the guide has the lack of enthusiasm and often does not understand the questions asked by the guests. To enter the Gold Room You will be combined with other visitors of the Hermitage in a group of 15. This tour is a matter of availability and we know only one-two days prior the tour if the museum allows us to enter. This option originally is not included on our itineraries, but if you feel all the conditions mentioned above are OK to you – you may add it at extra $20 US per person. Just give us a prior notice. Thank you!
Do you arrange Early Entry to the Hermitage?
Yes, we are able to offer this option to our groups. It will allow you to enter the Hermitage some 30 min ahead of the regular opening and enjoy the works of art without being disturbed by the main crowds. If this option is not included into your tour on a regular basis – you may add it at extra $20 US per person. Just let us know in advance! Thank you.
Do you guarantee timely return onboard on the departure day?
None of our groups ever missed their ships. This is our responsibility to deliver the group back onboard in timely manner. That is why we plan all our tours accordingly – it is a rule to return back onboard on the day of the departure 1-1, 5 hours ahead of the ship sailing off. All our guides and drivers are experienced in estimating the time you have and the logistics during the tour. We also offer emergency vehicle replacement if any unforeseen circumstances would arise to still deliver you back onboard on time!
Is there any dress code on the tour?
There is no special dress code on the tour. Please wear clothes that you would feel comfortable in – jeans, pants, shorts, t-shirts etc. There are no restrictions in museums and even cathedrals/churches as they partly have the status of museums so no one would prohibit you to enter if you are, for example, wearing shorts and sneakers. HOWEVER, if you are visiting the theater performance, please think of something more appropriate. You may feel a bit uneasy visiting, for instance, Mariinsky theatre wearing sport-type of clothes. So, some nice shirt/jacket for men and a blouse with skirt or else for women would be just fine.
Please also think of bringing a couple of warm clothes – the weather in St. Pete is unpredictable. It may be quite windy and rainy – so please bring a raincoat, sweater or warm jacket.