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Evening Activity

When is the latest we may arrange for Ballet/Folk Show?
The earlier – the better! During the high touring season tickets for the ballet performances or the Folk Show are selling out very fast, so if you decide to attend the performance the very last minute, there would simply be no tickets left for you. So, we recommend make up your mind and arrange for the tickets no later than 2-3 weeks prior your arrival. Thank you.
How do we pay for the Ballet/Evening program?
We purchase the theater tickets (or the tickets to any other performance) here on your behalf, and you will just reimburse the cost of them along with the cost of the main tour program, and pay the total to us in the morning of the final touring day.

PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the tickets is not refundable after the purchase. So, if for some reasons you decide not to attend the performance – you will still have to reimburse the cost of the tickets. We count on your understanding!!

Do we have time to return onboard before the Ballet?
It depends on the ending time of your main touring day and the time the ballet starts. If you have at least 3 hours of free time in between (for example, the day program ends at 5pm and the ballet starts at 8pm), then you are very welcome to return back onboard for freshen up and have some meal. In other cases, you may stay in the city with your guide; sit at one of the local cafes to catch your breath before the start of the performance.
Is there a dress code for the Ballet/Folk Show?
The folk Show is very informal and easy-going performance, so it will be fine to attend it wearing the same clothes as during the main touring day.

HOWEVER, if you are visiting the theater performance, please think of something more appropriate. You may feel a bit uneasy visiting, for instance, Mariinsky theatre wearing sport-type of clothes, shorts or sneakers. So, some nice shirt/jacket for men and a blouse with skirt or else for women would be just fine.
What is "Leisure time in the city"?
It means additional time in the city after the end of the main program allowing you to stroll along the streets, sit one at the local cafés, have an extended relaxed dinner at one of the restaurants sampling traditional Russian cuisine, or ride along rivers and canals of the city on a boat.

Though, you should be aware that under no-visa conditions you are touring in St. Petersburg you are not allowed to stay in the city on your own. So, the guide (and driver) will have to stay with you and then safely deliver you back onboard. Anyway, they will not affect your freedom to do whatever you like and go wherever like – they will just assist you and make sure that everything goes ok. You may, for example, even stay indoors (café/restaurant) on your own and the guide will just meet you at the exit at the appointed time to deliver back onboard… So, everything is very flexible.