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Hermitage Treasure Rooms


Hermitage Treasure Galleries is the storage for many masterpieces of the jewelry art works that belonged to the Romanov Royal Family. Dating back to the times of Peter the Great, the collection was then enriched by the members of the Ruling House and closely connected with many significant events in the life of the Family. Composed of the Diamond Room and the Gold Room, the Galleries is the house for the most rare and exquisite jewelry pieces carefully kept till present times.


• DIAMOND ROOM - is the most popular and spectacular "chamber" of the Treasure Galleries among the guests of the Hermitage Museum. The Room displays many of the precious items purchased personally by Catherine the Great which remain the most valued objects of the collection.


GOLD ROOM - is more specific section of the Galleries. It displays the archeological finds and artifacts of ancient times: Scythian gold, Greek, Indian and Chinese jewelry represented by intricate accessories (rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, clothes), as well as extraordinary examples of ancient weapons.


ATTN! Treasure Gallery is a separate secure section at the Hermitage Museum. Admission to either of the Rooms is strictly limited and should be reserved in advance. The tour takes 1h and lead by the local Hermitage guide. To enter the Room you will be combined with other visitors of the Hermitage in a group of 15 persons max.
ATTN! Entry to the Room is not guaranteed and is the matter of availability. Due to a very limited access, it is up to the Museum to decide whether to give the admission or not. The Hermitage keeps the right to cancel an already accepted request. But according to our working experience the major part of inquiries made through our office was successful. Thank you for understanding!

Group size/ Price Per Person, USD

2 person 50$
3 person 35$
4 person 25$
5 person 25$
6 person 20$

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