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Faberge Museum


Housed in a fabulous Shuvalov Palace on the Fontanka River Embankment, the Faberge Museum represents one of the most renowned collections of the Faberge Eggs and other jewelry on display created by the Faberge workshop. If you’re fond of handcrafted works of art in general and particularly the jewelry masterpieces connected with the Romanovs Dynasty - the highlights of the collections are nine Faberge Eggs possessed by Alexander III and Nicholas II – then Faberge Museum deserves some 40-50 min of your time to attend its interiors and admire the exposition gems. There are two ways of visiting the museum:


INDIVIDUAL VISIT (with audio-guide):

Visiting Faberge Museum individually (not the part of an organized group) is definitely an advantage. Using an audio-guide on your own language gives you flexibility to choose the route you prefer and the freedom to move with your own pace. We will save your time and buy entry tickets for you in advance, so you will not have to stand in line. The guide will see you to the doors of the museum, tell you everything you would like to know about it, wait for you till you end your tour, and deliver you back onboard.

Cost of the visit:

$20 USD per person. It ncludes:

  • Cost of entry ticket    Approx. 1 hour tour   Transportation back to the ship





You are welcome to visit the museum as a part of an organized foreign-language tour group at any time during the day (10:00am - 6:00pm). The party limit is maximum 15 people in one group at a time. Prior reservation for this kind of admission is required. Guests share one group cost, so the visit would perfectly fit to larger parties in order to get lower per person price.

Group size/ Price Per Person, USD

2 person 150$
3 person 100$
4 person 80$
5 person 70$
6 person 60$

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